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Nepali Defence Minister resigns

KATHMANDU -- Defence Minister Mahesh Acharya resigned Thursday after the Supreme Court reversed his dismissal of Dr. Tilak Rawas as Nepal Rastra Bank governor.

The resignation was another setback for Prime Minister Giriji Prasad Koirala who has been attacked by both the opposition and factions within his own party.

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S. Korea's Kim appoints new foreign minister

SEOUL -- South Korean President Kim Dae Jung announced Monday a major cabinet reshuffle including a new foreign minister.

Foreign Affairs and Trade Minister Lee Joung Binn said Sunday that he intended to resign after suddenly canceling a South American trip on Saturday.

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Central Asia

Taiwan welcomes
Dalai Lama
(World Tibet News)

Water games in
Central Asia
(Times of Central Asia)

East Asia

Jail for seven
Falungong members
(Straits Times)

Probe into Lee likely
to create uproar
in political community
(Korea Herald)

Pacific Islands

Fiji beats W. Indies

US faces regional
criticism over decision
to ditch Kyoto Treaty
(Coconet Wireless)

South Asia

Lashkar strikes again
(Indian Express)

30 die in stampede outside shrine in Pakistan
(Times of India)

Southeast Asia

Software firm invests
heavily in RP

Protected Javanese eagles
die of hunger
(Jakarta Post)

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