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Nepali Defence Minister resigns

KATHMANDU -- Defence Minister Mahesh Acharya resigned Thursday after the Supreme Court reversed his dismissal of Dr. Tilak Rawas as Nepal Rastra Bank governor.

The resignation was another setback for Prime Minister Giriji Prasad Koirala who has been attacked by both the opposition and factions within his own party.

Acharya dismissed Rawal last August an appointed former bureaucrat Purush Dhakal to replace him at the central bank.

The Supreme Court Wednesday overruled the dismissal and issued an order reinstating him to his former position after Rawal filed a petition in September.

Justice Krishna Jung Rayamahaji in announcing the verdict said that important positions like that of NRB governor should not be dealt with "irresponsibly."

Donor organizations like the World Bank had publicly opposed Rawal as governor of the central bank.

Rawal told the Kathmandu Post, "I was removed by the government unconstitutionally, and now I have received justice from the respected Supreme Court." Outgoing governor Dipendra Purush Dhakal said he would respect the verdict and made no other comment.


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