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U.S. Navy aircraft collides with Chinese fighter

TOKYO -- A U.S. Navy reconnaissance aircraft collided Sunday morning with a Chinese fighter jet over the South China Sea, according to a Navy official.

The U.S. Navy Pacific Command said that Chinese jets intercepted the Navy plane, which was flying over international waters.

One of the Chinese jets collided into the wing of the Navy aircraft causing the pilot to issue a 'Mayday' warning that it was seeking an emergency landing.

The Navy EP-3 Aries plane landed headed for the nearest available airfield on the island of Hainan. Chinese authorities said the crew of aircraft were uninjured, but have not allowed communication with them so far. They said that they were still searching for the pilot of the fighter plane.

Joseph Prueher, U.S. ambassador to China, said that U.S. officials would be able to meet with the crew on Monday.

The incident may strain already tense relations between the two countries. Beijing has repeatedly warned Washington recently against selling sophisticated naval vessels, each priced at about US$1 billion, to Taiwan.


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