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Two explosions kill 4, injure 44 in Thailand

BANGKOK -- Two railway station explosions Saturday in Thailand killed a five-year-old boy and three others, and injured 44 other people.

No one claimed responsibility for the bombings, but police suspect southern separatists who are believed ready to start a terrorist campaign.

Nattapong Chuangpechinda was killed after a bomb hidden in a bag at the Hat Yai station information counter exploded at 2:24pm.

The incident followed an attempted bombing Thursday at the Waeng district police station in Narathiwat.

Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra said police were lax in failing to prevent the attacks after considerable warning of intended sabotage.

Thaksin ordered an investigation of security procedures and the military increased their presence in the South.

There have been three attacks on the Hat Yai railway station since 1992.

In a separate incident Saturday night a bomb injured five people at the Sri Betong Hotel in Yal. Hotel staff said they had received an extortion letter from separatists earlier.


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