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Spy plane standoff continues, positions harden

BEIJING and WASHINGTON -- U.S. President George W. Bush Monday warned again that relations with China could be "damaged" by the spy plane standoff. Chinese officials criticized the U.S. for refusing to apologize.

Bush asked Americans to be patient and not to expect quick results in the negotiations for the air crew.

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Two explosions kill 4, injure 44 in Thailand

BANGKOK -- Two railway station explosions Saturday in Thailand killed a five-year-old boy and three others, and injured 44 other people.

No one claimed responsibility for the bombings, but police suspect southern separatists who are believed ready to start a terrorist campaign.

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Central Asia

IMF under fire
in Kyrgyzstan
(Times of Central Asia)

Tibetan herbal tradition
thrives in India
(World Tibet News)

East Asia

Helicopter crash in
Vietnam kills at
least 16, including
U.S. search crew
(Straits Times)

Ancient wall painting
stirs excitement

Pacific Islands

Yapese celebrate culture
with food, friends
(Pacific Daily News)

Jiang in Tahiti
(Coconet Wireless)

South Asia

Large rally demands
Nepalese PM's resignation

I owe an
explanation to history:
(Hindustan Times)

Southeast Asia

Malaysia's high-tech zone
misses expectations: PM

Asian central banks
tighten efforts to
protect currency
(Strait Times)

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