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Party leaders pave way for Megawati

JAKARTA -- Leaders of Indonesia's leading parties, the Golkar party, Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle and the Muslim parties met Friday to discuss the ascension of Megawati Sukarnoputri to president.

After the meeting, National Mandate Party chairman Amien Rais said the people should be ready for another "change of national leadership."

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Estrada on campaign trail as SC decides presidency case

MANILA -- Ousted Philippine President Joseph Estrada Wednesday campaigned for his wife's senatorial campaign and for other fellow party members as the Supreme Court decides whether he is still the legitimate president.

Justice Secretary Hernando Perez said that while the government is prepared for the unlikely possibility of a favorable ruling for Estrada, the people might not accept such a verdict.

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Central Asia

Nepalese govt attempts
to stop Tibetan
New Year celebrations
(World Tibet News)

Central Asia's beauty
(Times of Central Asia)

East Asia

Vote on Mori
set for Monday
(Japan Times)

Legislative session backs
action on Falungong
(Straits Times)

Pacific Islands

Fijian Forum rejects
court ruling

Tragedy hits Guam
(Pacific Daily News)

South Asia

Lankan jets bomb
LTTE bases
(Times of India)

Lanka moves to save
Bamiyan Buddhas from
(Times of India)

Southeast Asia

Let the people judge
me, Estrada says
after court setback

Intimidation in Asia
(Bangkok Post)

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