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Chinese police seek suspected murderer in bombings

SHIJIAZHUANG, China -- Police were searching Saturday for a deaf murder suspect in connection with four explosions in Shijiazhuang that have killed at least 110 people.

The suspect, 41-year-old Jin Ruchao, is also linked to the murder of his girlfriend, Wei Zhihua, in the southern province of Yunnan.

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Indian Defence Minister Fernandes resigns

NEW DELHI -- Indian Defence Minister George Fernandes quit Thursday after a scandal involving one of his aides brought him under increasing pressure.

Another member of the ruling NDA coalition, Mamata Banerjee also walked out along with members of his party.

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Central Asia

Karmapa says Tibetan
relatives in 'uncomfortable'
(World Tibet News)

Kazakh military officers
study Chinese military
(Times of Central Asia)

East Asia

State of deflation
(Japan Times)

Firebomb attack on
GM Korea
(Korea Herald)

Pacific Islands

Qarase revelation

Maori TV 'should
be in both
(New Zealand Herald)

South Asia

Annan visits
Mt. Everest
(Kathmandu Post)

Lankan PM regrets
Taliban attitude

Southeast Asia

Let Megawati run
govt, urges House speaker
(Straits Times)

Designer faith racks
in millions
(Bangkok Post)

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