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GMA warns rebels to release hostages

MANILA -- Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo Tuesday warned Abu Sayyaf rebels to release 20 people -- 17 Filipinos and three Americans, abducted Sunday or face an all-out military offensive.

The president said she had instructed the military to set up small camps on all islands in the Philippines, particularly in the Muslim south, to deny sanctuary to the rebels.

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Wahid, opponents prepare for showdown

JAKARTA -- Indonesian President Abdurrahman Wahid appeared headed for a showdown in Parliament this week with both unwilling to relent on their demands.

The major parties rejected Wahid's request to halt the impeachment process against him. In response, presidential spokesman, Adhie Massardie, said the a state to emergency might be imposed to stop the special session by dissolving parliament.

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Central Asia

Bishkek fights against
(Times of Central Asia)

U.S. backs
Dalai Lama
(World Tibet News)

East Asia

Government officials accept
foreigners' union 'fait
(Korea Herald)

U.S. thumbing nose
at world with
new energy policy

Pacific Islands

Forty Fiji soldiers
charged with mutiny

Pele on TV
(Honolulu Advertiser)

South Asia

Temba Tshiri Sherpa
receives tumultuous welcome
(Kathmandu Post)

Cyclone loses intensity,
postpones arrival
(Times of India)

Southeast Asia

Innocent verdict won’t
stall ouster move
vs Wahid: foes

Gus Dur and
Megawati engage in war
of words
(Jakarta Post)

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