HTML Tutorial

In order to format text for the Web, you must have a basic understanding of HTML script.

Using HTML, you must place tags everywhere you want the text altered. All tags are placed within <>. For example, if you want a part of your text in bold script you would use the tag <b> to mark the beginning of the bold text and </b> to mark the ending of the bold text. Thus:

She made her point <b>very</b> clear. (in HTML)

She made her point very clear. (on the webpage)

You must always close tags with </>. So, if you want something in italics:

<i>She</i> made her point very clear.

She made her point very clear.

or else,

<i>She made her point very clear.

She made her point very clear.

The HTML tags allowed in the AsiaPacificUniverse forums and webpages are:

You can also use the tags <font face=>, <font color=>, and <font size=>, which we will discuss further below. Here is some text with the other tags above, followed by the result as it would appear on the webpage:

<blink>Hello</blink>, it's very <b>hot</b> where<i> I'm</i> at right now.


Hello, it's very hot where I'm at right now.

 HTML text will automatically wrap around depending on the size of the browser. However, if you want to force a line break you use the <br> tag. This can be important when using verse like poetry. Look at the difference when written without breaks:

Roses are red

Violets are blue

is shown on the webpage as:

Roses are red. Violets are blue.

In order to have the correct format, you use:

Roses are red<br>

Violets are blue

To separate paragraphs with an extra blank line use the <p> tag.

Roses are red<br>

Violets are blue


The stars are beautiful.<br>

And so are you.


Font Color

To change the color of the text you use the <font color=> tag. The color you desire would be placed in quotations after the "=" sign. So to make text red you use:

<font face="red">She made her point very clear.</font>

She made her point very clear.

Whenever using any tag proceeded by "font" you can close the tag using just </font>. So to close <font color=>, <font face=>, etc., use </font>.

Some color names used by Netscape are as follows:

[antiquewhite * aqua * azure * beige * black * blue * brown * chartreuse * cornflowerblue * crimson * darkcyan * ivory * lemonchiffon * lightblue * lightyellow * magenta * maroon * mediumpurple * mediumturquoise *moccasin * navy * orange * darkgray * darkgreen * darkpink * firebrick * fuchsia * gold * greenyellow * hotpink * indigo * papayawhip * rosybrown * salmon * silver * slateblue * tan * tomato *yellow]


Font Face

Font faces are the basic font faces found in most text editors. Simply mention the desired face in quotes after the "=" in the <font face=> tag:

<font fact="Arial">She made her point very clear.</font>

She made her point very clear.

You can also use the various graphic fonts in your text. Below we have some of the popularly supported graphic fonts. Each font face will correspond on the keyboard to the respective symbol given in the Times Roman font below:

Times Roman


Here are some graphic fonts:

Vacation MT

Bon Appetit MT

Monotype Sorts


Wingdings 2

Wingdings 3



As we stated above, the graphic fonts correspond respectively to the symbols in the Times Roman font given above. So the happy face found in the Wingdings font (10th symbol from the left on 2nd line) correponds to the same position in Times Roman.

The 10th symbol from the left on the second line in Times Roman is "J". So the happy face symbol would be represented in HTML by:

<font face="Wingdings">J</font>

Please remember that not all font faces and font colors are supported by all browsers. What you and the viewer see may differ depending on the fonts supported by each browser.


Font Size

Font size is controlled by inserting a number value after the "=" sign in the <font size=> tag.

<font size=1>She made her point very clear.</font>

She made her point very clear.


<font size=6>She made her point very clear.</font>

She made her point very clear.


Combining tags

You can use as many tags as you like to alter text. Study the example below:

<font size=5><font color="green"><font face="Mead Bold"><b>She</font></font></font> made <i><font face="Arial">her</i> point very <font color="red"><font size=4><font face="Impress">clear.</font></b>

She made her point very clear..

Notice that "She" is followed by three </font> tags closing the previous tags for size, color and face.

We hope this tutorial has been helpful to you and that it will help you have more fun chatting on the Web!


AsiaPacificUniverse maintains a GIF Library from which images may be used on the Table Talk Forums and Poetry webpages.

You can also have your photograph or other images uploaded for approval by the staff before placement in your own personal image library. The image file size for each image should not be more than 8KB.

Each approved image will receive an ID number prefix. This number must be used to link to the image. The HTML tag for images is:

<img src="your_image_id.gif">

So, if your photograph is approved with the ID#00000and you want to insert it in your page or message use the following tag whereever you want the image to appear:

<img src="00000.gif">

We also support jpeg images, in which case you would replace ".gif" with ".jpeg" in the example above.

We hope this guide has been helpful to you. For more information on HTML, you can visit the following websites:

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