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Posted by Try Jatra Tour Travel on March 12, 2001 at 07:10:12:

Dear sir or madam,

I am sorry to bother you. But if you'd lend me a bit of your time, I'd explain why am I emailing you. In this email, I act as a representative for PT Jatra Idola Tour & Travel. Based in Jakarta, Indonesia, this tour & travel company has long been serving our customers in a highly professional matter. When you as our customer would come to us for services, you're sure to appreciate the services and accomodations we have to offer.

My I ask you a question? If you're going to travel during this time of year, what would your goal be? A nice vacation with dependable transportation, hotel room, tickets on hand, passports, and all the documents in place isn't it?. You may not want to go here and run there at a few different places at the same time to reserve all the necessities involved, would you? The complexity that may involve itself may beat the purpose of going on a relaxing vacation. In fact, it can be stressful dealing with multiple businesses just to plan a getaway.

But here in Jatra Tour & Travel, we would help you out in enrolling all the necessities needed for a relaxing vacation with the help of our staff. We would prepare your ticket, tour services, transportation, and even a hotel room. All you have to do is request for the services that you require in order for your vacation to run smoothly. This way, we would handle all the work and reservations for you. While you on the other hand, relax and enjoy your getaway, acknowleding that we would handle all the work for you.

Furthermore, why must you gain the risk of having being put on hold on the telephone by a representative on three different companies. Why waste your time calling to reserve a hotel room that may not accept occupancies. Why must you involve yourself in a vacation that may go off plan. You can simply use our package(s) and put all the headaches aside.

Now that we have explained the deal we can provide you, the only decision you have to make is if this is the right time for you to go away from you local life and outside to explore other parts of the world. If it is, then you have the option of dialing our number at 62-21-3501888. Whereever you'd like to go to on this planet, we would be more than glad to assist you. Thank you and may God always be with you.

Sincerely yours,

PAM Group --- Jatra Tour is a member of PAM Group.

Silakan telepon Jatra Tour nomor 021-3503888 untuk penawaran yang terbaik di bidang pariwisata di daerah Jakarta, Indonesia.

You may contact our other branches by phone for services from Jatra Tour and Jatra Hotel if you're currently located in one of these cities:
Jakarta 62-21-3501888
Bali 62-361-7618888
Singapore 65-737761888
Perth, Australia 61-89-3218895

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