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Posted by Paul Tan on September 26, 2002 at 20:24:19:

Hello friend:
We would like sharing with you, giving you more understand about our calture and traditional fengshui.

We have years experience in traditional fengshui, either in field work or theoritical, and we can't denied our skill and knowlegde which have we own by ourself is enough to answer your question, if you have any question please don't hesistate telling us, we will sharing the problem without charging any single cent, is wise our service is better than you ask Hailing in She is a fake fengshuiman, she have no experience at all, and more in new age fengshui method.Our main objective is fight for our chinese calture which has been exploit by those marketeer, con master and irresponsiblity people.

Recently we just nearly completed our traditional fengshui in english version, we will send to those who too concern about traditional fengshui, in our subject , we also talk about 8 massions, Ba Zhai Ming Ching, Xuan Kong, san yen san he ( three period and three combination). ....we believe it enough for you to learn in this whole life. ...all will giving by free ...definately free of charge..cause our objective is against those fake fengshuiman mislead and misuse our chinese calture for cheating purposes....we will fight till end of the life....

If you have any question just asking us, please don't hesisitate, you will proud of our servise, and you will gain more fengshui knowledge, but remember, the question you ask all must based on Traditional fengshui method, otherwise we will refuse to giving any help.

Please email us to


Paul Tan

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