Sikhism-The youngest religion

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Posted by Gursharan Singh Kohli on November 09, 1902 at 11:34:49:

Composing this poem with my limited knowledge I present this poem with utmost love for all religions.My expectation from you,the readers is deep.I expect that you get to know more about Sikhism-The world's youngest religion.Many of you who shall read this poem may be having less or negligible knowledge about Sikhism.I would love you reading this poem and if you are even a bit impressed you shall check out the Sikhism websites given below.May Baba ji bestow his grace on the entire world..Plz post a reply and express your views on it.
Sat Sri Akal ji........


Laid on the blood of martyrs
cladded in splendid turbans
The Sikh faith,immensely logical,proved historical.

Popularily known as Sardar ji's
Have borne pain with magical ease

"As is God,so is the Guru and as is the Guru so must be a Sikh"
Iron bangles in our wrists
Wooden combs under our turbans
Owning unshorn hair
Even in unimaginable conditions did dare.

Guru Gobind's brave hearts,honourable men
Experienced warriors,drilled in valour
Bathed in Vaaheguru's grace
Cladded in Sikhly robes
Against tyranny,the only hopes.

His Excellency Guru Gobind Singh
Humble he was,humility he preached
Against casteism he was,equality he preached
Apostle of Equality,Justice,he was
Incarnation of freedom,revolution he was
Life according to the Sikh Rehat Maryada he pleaded of course.

Ever Nishan sahib will keep flying high
Even in the world wars Sikhs did die.

Ample callow Sikhs massacred
Many others of Sikh mothers

Gorgeous Dastaars,perfect outlook,full beards.
Members of the Guru's Fauja,His Sangat,Gurudwara,His presence
Sikh's have Guru's loves essence.

Bhagat Singh,the apostle of revolution
Father of this nation he ought to be
Though independent India he did not see.

Shahbeg singh,the unsurmountable,ultimate
Against Pakistan 1971 war he did lead
Attaining matyrdom he did succeed

Deep Singh,immemorable,evergreen
His valour the world has seen

Gur.Arjan,burnt alive
Tegh Bahadar,beheaded
Gobind Singh,stabbed
Deep Singh,decapitated
Mani Singh,cut limb by limb
Innumerable Sikhs,inhumanly slain
Inflicted with immense pain.

May the entire world be blessed
In turbans Sikhs are dressed

Emperors who imparted justice
Harbingers of peace,harmony,revolution
Sikhs gifted India rejuvenation.

Death they feared not
Victory is what they sought.

Bole So Nihal-Sat Sri Akal,our battle cry
In eradicating tyranny innumerable Sikhs did die.

Their deeds emmited dazzling radiance
As intangible rocks the stood in defiance

Sikhism is courage,honour and truth
Where we are taught how to seek the right
Struggle,conquer in life's great fight.

Forcible conversion to Islam was the trend
Death Sikhs did award to injust to curb and end
Indian belief Sikhs did reform,mend.

Darbar Sahib,Amritsar,extremely magnificient
Oceans of Dastaars,beards and Gurbani
The celestial golden radiance,immemorable
Enchanted by it's beauty
Hypnotized by the sight
Thou shall be compelled to say"This place is right"

Gurfateh!Victory to the Guru
Khalsa the Guru organized
His army's feats of strength against tyranny he exercised.

Since they've evolved,300 times the Earth has revolved
With extensive caliber
Unaccountable feats of strength
Born gutsy,utmost valiant.
Deeds enthusiastic,utterly jubliant.

Unjustly sever were the days
Death was noticed even in the dazzling Sun's rays
Mughals Khalsa did brave,India's dignity did they save
Independence Sikhs did crave.

Patna Sahib,Gobind Singh was born
Whom the world does adorn
Born a king,Even he did Vaaheguru's hymns sing

India they energised
Exceptionally on the villians clout they exercised

Revolted against wickedness
With peace this nation did they harness

Overcome did they ample stumbling blocks
Injustice confront like unshakable rocks.

Descendants of Tegh Bahadar
Known as 'Hind Ki Chadar'
Of the Panth-Gobind is the father

Their valour knew no bounds
Patriotism was limitless
Even the hostile,injured soldiers did they caress,redress

Standing out for their distinctive appearence,marvellous humour
Unaccountable valour,Their assertiveness,energy undiminished
Savage persecutions Khalsa extinguished.

Experienced Khalsa faced all
Invasions and Inquisitions
Triumphs accompanied by tragidies
Piety along with sense of divine purpose
Devotion,also depravities
Loyalties and betrayals
Courage,convictions,confronted eliminations.

Sikhism,basic compassion of Hinduism
Essential brotherhood of Islam
Incurred absurdities,encouraged equality
Enforced peace,Insisted reformation,caused amendation.


Gurmustak Singh

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