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Fwd: Seeking a Full Presidential Pardon for W.H. Lee

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Posted by 4U on September 15, 2000 at 15:12:34:

80-20 mounts a nationwide campaign to petition President Clinton
to grant Dr. Wen Ho Lee a full pardon. President Clinton was reported
as being "troubled" by the handling of Dr. Lee’s case.

In so doing, 80-20 is seeking a WIN-WIN-WIN situation. It'll be a win
for the APA community, a win for Dr. Lee and, last but not least, a win
for the United States.

80-20's petition letter to President Clinton is appended at the end
of this e-mail.

Please send a fax to let our President know that 80-20's petition
represents a wide spread community wish. YOUR ONE ACTION can
make a difference.

It should be faxed to either 202 456-2461 or 202 456-6281 or 202
456-1121, and addressed to:

The Honorable Bill Clinton
President of the United States
The White House
Washington, DC 20500

Please identify yourself as (1) a resident of your state (please
specify it), and (2) a supporter of 80-20's petition. Please provide
your title, while specifying that it is for identification purposes only.

Please be so kind as to copy in S. B. Woo so that 80-20 has an idea
of how many faxes are being sent. Please choose one of the following
numbers in random in faxing to S. B.: 302 366-0909 or 925 682-2964.

Remember how we changed odds and made history when so many
of you faxed our President asking him to appoint Norman Mineta? Do
it again, so that a case like W.H. Lee will NEVER happen to you and
your loved ones.

Let's make history together once more. Fax yours TODAY. Thanks.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

September 15, 2000

The Honorable Bill Clinton
President of the United States
The White House
Washington, D.C. 20500

Dear Mr. President:

The Steering Committee of The 80-20 Initiative respectfully urges
you to grant a full presidential pardon to Dr. Wen Ho Lee. The 80-20
Initiative is a national, Pan-Asian-American organization with over
400,000 supporters connected via our e-mail distribution network.
Our members are politically active and have a great interest in how
you will address the deeply troubling mistreatment of Dr. Lee.

You have been a leader in racial and ethnic justice issues in our
nation, particularly with the One America initiative, a presidential
pardon of Dr. Lee would illustrate your continuing commitment to
racial and ethnic justice in America.

A presidential pardon would also have the following benefits:

(1) It will show that in America, unlike some other nations, the
government has the capacity and courage to admit its mistakes and
take corrective action quickly.
(2) Dr. Lee has paid dearly with his solitary confinement of over 200
days for "violation of security procedures" and a pardon would
acknowledge the injustice of such a severe treatment.
(3) A pardon would help remedy the apparent double standard in
justice applied to an Asian American versus other known violators of
security procedures such as John Deutsch.
(4) A pardon would support and build on America's high standard of
"liberty and justice for all," in a this case for a politically weak
minority -- Asian Pacific Americans.

80-20 will communicate this request via email to its network of
400,000 supporters. You can expect significant support for a
presidential pardon.

The membership and its Steering Committee are at your disposal
to bring justice to Dr. Wen Ho Lee. For correspondence purposes,
please reach S. B. Woo. (302 831-2943 O, 302 366-0259-H, 302 366-


Peter Suzuki and S. B. Woo
On behalf of the 80-20 Steering Committee

80-20 STEERING COMMITTEE (Titles for identification purposes only)

Lalit Agrawal, President-elect, Indian-Am. Political Forum,
Rajen Anand, Secretary, Federation of Indian-Am. Assocs.,
Tong S. Chung, Founding President, Korean American Coalition,
Alex Esclamado, Nat'l President, Filipino-Am. Political Assoc.,
Kenneth Fong, C.E.O., Clontech Laboratories,
Yu-Chi Ho, Harvard Univ., member of Nat'l Acad. of Engineering,
Stephen S. Ko, MD, Founder of Asian Am. Political Coalition N.J.,
Michael Lin, former Nat'l President, Org. of Ch-Ams (1994-98),
Adeel Shah, Director, Human Rights Asia,
Peter Suzuki, Immediate Past President, National Asian/Pacific Am.
Bar Association (NAPABA)
Henry Tang, Chair, Committee of 100,
Chang-Lin Tien, Chancellor, Univ. of Calif., Berkeley (1990-97),
Xuan T. Vu, Legislative Affairs Director, Vietnamese American Public
Affairs Committee (VPAC),
Chun Wa Wong, Univ. of Calif., Los Angeles, Fellow, Am. phys. Soc.,
Dennis Wong, former Chair, San Fran-Taipei Sister City Comm.,
Charles Woo, President, Magatoys, and
S. B. Woo, Lieutenant Governor of Delaware (1985-89)

c.c. Vice President A. Gore
John Podesta

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