Re: Racism (White Supremacy)

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Posted by John on August 20, 2003 at 19:53:24:

In Reply to: Racism (White Supremacy) posted by Virtual_GOD on August 06, 2001 at 02:17:50:

You make some interesting points. I understand your meaning. I have a qualm with what you are saying.

I am a white man. I live in America. I have white friends, black friends, asian friends, jewish friends, and muslim friends. I see no one as being different simply because they have a higher or lower mellanin level than myself. Racism is a plague. It is dirty and sickening. It is cancer, and it is tearing our country apart, not to mention our world.

Despite my lack of racist intention, I am constantly being referred to by those who don't know me as a 'racist', a 'honky', a 'cracker', simply because my skin is lightly colored.

I have never owned a slave, or discriminated against someone because of their ethnic background. My ancestors immigrated here from Europe in the 1920's on both sides of my family. (I say Europe because I am a Euro-mutt, much like most white people.) I do not tell racist jokes, and when someone around me starts to do so, I get offended tell them to stop.

I manage a national company, and I have never not hired someone because of their skin color.

Racism is a joke. It is the mother of ignorance. There is no race that by virtue of their skin is superior to any other race.

I have one major problem with the concept of racism in America. White people now live in fear of minorities, not because they are afraid of the people, but because their skin color dictates that they have to be racist. There seems to be a common belief amongst 'minorities' that all white people are racist.

Racism goes every different way. I know black people that hate white people, white people that hate black people, Mexicans who hate blacks and whites. Why? There is no sense.

My favorite people are those who do not think anything of shaking hands with a different race, people who judge people by their actions and not by their race or religious preference.

I say to anyone here or anywhere else, if you think that you are superior to anyone based on your skin color, you are a sickening fool, deserving of the hell you will be forced to endure when your final day comes.

I guess I've said my piece. Peace amongst us all.

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