Don Black: White Pride World Wide Web of Hate

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Posted by Fight Racism! on July 09, 2006 at 03:46:25:

Don Black: White Pride World Wide

An unmistakable logo greets visitors to the Stormfront Home Page, the gateway to Don Black's online world of bigotry: a cross ringed by the words 'White Pride World Wide.' Under this logo, Black describes his site:

Stormfront is a resource for those courageous men and women fighting to preserve their White Western culture, ideals and freedom of speech and association ­ a forum for planning strategies and forming political and social groups to ensure victory.7

Though Black claims to be a 'White Nationalist,' not a hatemonger, his idea of 'White Pride' involves demeaning, demonizing and menacing Jews and non-whites, and his concept of 'victory' includes the creation of ethnically cleansed political enclaves.

Since its creation, Stormfront has served as a veritable supermarket of online hate, stocking its shelves with many forms of anti-Semitism and racism. In its first two years, Stormfront featured the writings of William Pierce of the neo-Nazi National Alliance, David Duke, representatives of the Holocaust-denying Institute for Historical Review and other assorted extremists. Conspiracy-laden discussions of the destruction of the Branch Davidian complex in Waco, Texas, the shootout at Ruby Ridge, Idaho, between the FBI and white-separatist Randy Weaver, and the bombing of the Murrah Federal Office Building in Oklahoma City appeared on the site's Home Page. In one article, Kirk Lyons, defender and self-proclaimed sympathizer of right-wing extremists, likened the events at the Branch Davidian compound to the Nazi destruction of the town of Lidice in Czechoslovakia.8 In another piece, Eustace Mullins, an aged anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist who has spread hate for more than 40 years, suggested that the likely party responsible for the bombing in Oklahoma City is the Anti-Defamation League.9 In addition to text articles, early versions of Stormfront housed a library of neo-Nazi graphics available for downloading, a list of phone numbers for racist computer bulletin boards that were not on the Internet, and a short page of links to other hateful Web sites.

By 1997, Black's site became home to the Web pages of other extremists, such as Aryan Nations and Ed Fields, racist publisher of The Truth At Last, a hate-filled newspaper. He also posted new reprints of white supremacist articles and essays, such as The Talmud: Judaism's holiest book documented and exposed. Meant to inflame Christians by characterizing the Talmud as primarily anti-Christian and filled with 'malice,' 'hate-mongering' and 'barbarities,' this particularly scurrilous tract willfully distorts and misrepresents an important religious document while demonstrating a complete lack of understanding of its history, complexity, and role in Jewish religious practice.

In addition, Black posted Louis Beam's article entitled 'The Conspiracy to Erect an Electronic Iron Curtain.' Drawing on images of the Inquisition, Beam's diatribe describes a massive conspiracy, led by a coalition of Jewish groups (including ADL) and the government, to censor the Internet. According to Beam,

Writing about Jewish religious leaders and government spymasters operating in a collusive effort to erect an electronic iron curtain to restrict freedom of speech and information does not make one anti-Semitic or anti-government. The truth is anti-Semitic. The government is erecting a police state. The author opposes both oppressive religious groups and repressive government. If speaking the truth and opposing tyranny makes one anti-Semitic and anti-government, then I am both...

On January 13, 1998, Black appeared on the ABC-TV program 'Nightline.' Presented in an introductory segment as 'a former member of the Ku Klux Klan,' he explained how he has 'recruited people' via the Internet whom he 'otherwise wouldn't have reached.' He also commented Stormfront has served as a veritable supermarket of online hate, stocking its shelves with many forms of anti-Semitism and racism.
that sites such as Stormfront 'provide those people who are attracted to our ideas with a forum to talk to each other and to form a virtual community.'

Despite the fact that Black's racist and anti-Semitic views were clearly reported in a pre-recorded introduction, the program gave him the opportunity to market these views in a mainstream forum. In his subsequent discussion with Ted Koppel, 'Nightline's' host, and Floyd Abrams, a prominent First Amendment attorney (both of whom rejected his bigotry), Black tried to portray himself as reasonable. 'You may consider my views dangerous, but so were those of the Founding Fathers, who were considered dangerous,' he claimed. 'In fact, their views...weren't that much different from my own.' Later in the discussion, Black declared that 'Fifty, 60, 70 years ago, what I'm saying was part of the mainstream.' He claimed a four-fold increase in visitors to his site during the days that followed the broadcast. Perhaps emboldened by this jump in traffic, Black has since picked up the pace of his online activities.

Some of Black's recent efforts have involved the expansion of Stormfront: enlarging its collection of links, adding an interactive chat room, and housing additional racist Web sites. One of these sites, Our Legacy of Truth, offers the text of works such as 'Proof of Negro Inferiority' by Alexander Winchell and Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf, as well as Willie Martin's '1001 Quotes By and About Jews.' This pernicious compendium of quotations strings together mistranslated remarks made by Jews, statements of well-known non-Jews taken out of context, and the ravings of anti-Semites, so as to give readers the impression that Jews are constantly striving for global control. Another site now housed by Black, Jew Watch organizes its anti-Semitic materials much in the same way a popular Web directory might group more benign information.
White Singles, serves as a free dating service for white supremacists. 'Women and men listed on WS [White Singles] are heterosexual, white gentiles only,' its Home Page declares. Well over 200 men and women have registered for this service, many of them submitting pictures of themselves for viewing by prospective mates. A third new site at Stormfront, White Nationalist News Agency (NNA), posts the text of articles from the Associated Press and other reputable news sources, seemingly without legal permission. Attached to these articles are the racist and anti-Semitic comments of Vincent Breeding, NNA editor and National Alliance activist of Tampa, Florida. Clickable, colorful advertisements for the sites of the National Alliance and Holocaust denier Ernst Zündel have also appeared at the NNA site.

Beyond his additions to Stormfront, Black has begun to help other white supremacists by hosting their sites without publicly admitting that he is doing so. Unlike sites such as The Truth at Last or White Nationalist News Agency, which are housed by Black and are in effect part of Stormfront, it is not readily apparent that he services these other sites.

Adrian Edward Marlow of Suisun City, California, maintains one of these sites, White Pride World Wide.10 In fact, Marlow owns Black's Web server, the computer that contains his Web site and makes it available to Internet users. Black rents this server from Marlow and controls it electronically from a remote location: his home in West Palm Beach, Florida.11 Marlow also uses his own server to co-host white supremacist sites with Don Black.

Not surprisingly, White Pride World Wide is advertised on Stormfront and links to the mailing lists and chat room at Black's site. The rest of the site reflects Black's values as well: it includes '1001 Quotes By and About Jews,' Madison Grant's racist tract The Passing of the Great Race and transcriptions of Louis Beam's speeches. Like Stormfront, White Pride World Wide also houses other racist Web sites, such as Verboten (a German-language extremist site) and (a site created by and for white supremacist women).

Black hosts a site named Blitzcast, which Stormfront and White Pride World Wide recommend for those seeking online, racist audio 'broadcasts.' Using free audio software easily downloadable from the Web, visitors to Blitzcast can listen to the speeches of American Nazi Party founder George Lincoln Rockwell, the weekly radio addresses of National Alliance leader William Pierce, and the ravings of anti-Semitic Jew Benjamin Freedman. Also appearing at Blitzcast is Frank Weltner, who uses the pseudonym 'Von Goldstein Mohammed' and runs Jew Watch, yet another site hosted by Black.12

Jew Watch organizes its anti-Semitic materials much in the same way a popular Web directory might group more benign information. Weltner presents accusations that Jews were behind the terrors caused by Russia's Communist regime in 'Jews, Communism, and The Job of Killing Off the USSR's Christians.' 'Jewish Genocides Today and Yesterday' describes an alleged Jewish plan to deport non-Jews from the U.S. in 1946. '90% of All United States News-papers Are Owned and Run by Jews' repeats the oft-heard charge that Jews run the media, and 'The Rothschild Internationalist-Zionist- Banking-One World Order Family' claims that Jews control the world of finance. Adolf Hitler's writings, transcripts of Father Charles Coughlin's anti-Semitic radio broadcasts, and the text of Henry Ford Sr.'s bigoted International Jew are all available at Jew Watch as well.

A subtler, though equally virulent anti-Semitism pervades the Bamboo Delight Web site. Hosted by Black, the site hides downloadable anti-Semitic and racist computer programs behind the false front of a company selling 'Tai Chi Chuan Chinese Exercise' materials. Looking past 'Asian Health Philosophy' items such as the 'Nine Treasure Exercises of Ancient China' videotape and the 'Skinny Buddha Weight Loss Method' pamphlet, Web surfers find the downloadable computer programs 'Jew Rats,' 'Police Patriots,' 'ZOG' and 'Talmud.' These programs are interactive in the same way that Web pages are interactive: users 'click through' their contents, viewing various pages filled with text and graphics. 'Jew Rats' is a multi-panel cartoon that depicts Jews as rats that kill Christians and encourage integration. Blacks are depicted as sub-human gorillas. 'ZOG' contains the complete text of the 'classic' anti-Semitic forgery The Protocols of the Elders of Zion along with dozens of other documents that claim knowledge of Jewish plans for world domination.

When Marlow created Web sites at more than ten domain names that resembled the names of major daily newspapers, another misleading Web venture involving Black garnered attention. In October 1998, Marlow linked these sites directly to Stormfront. Consequently, Web users looking for news about Philadelphia at ',' for example, ended up visiting Don Black's site, not the Philadelphia Inquirer Home Page (which is located at Other newspapers affected included the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the Chicago Sun-Times, the Atlanta Constitution, and the London Telegraph.

As Black's site has grown and he has aggressively continued to promote it, an increasing number of Web users have been visiting Stormfront. Black told the Associated Press that the number of contacts to Stormfront doubled during the domain name incident, to 2,000 per day. According to Black, Web surfers have accessed Stormfront more than a million times since its debut.

Web users visiting Stormfront right now will likely find a bold advertisement in the lower left-hand corner of their screens. By clicking on it, they arrive at the Web site for perhaps America's best-known and most politically active racist: Black's mentor, David Duke.


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