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Manansala Encryption and Authentication System (MEAS)
A new patent pending invention!

Manansala Random Number Generator (MRNG)
Fast, cryptographically-strong random numbers. USPTO patent application#11 142 436

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Photovoltaic System Design, Energy Efficiency Consultation

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AheadBehind Music
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Afrocentric Debate Resource Homepage

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APANR -- Asian Pacific Ameican News & Review
The Asian Pacific American News & Review (APANR) is the top newspaper focused on the API community in three counties surrounding the California capital.

Quests of the Dragon and Bird Clan
Paul Kekai Manansala's History Blog.

Experience authentic Balinese and international cuisine at Bali Grill and Wine Bar in Sacramento.

History of Philippine Civilization and Technology
History of Philippine and Filipino Civilization and Technology

Ta_Seti Discussion Group
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Philippine Poetry Page
Poetry and poets of or relating to the the Philippines and its people.

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Pet Supplies - Dog Supplies
Dog Breeders Advertise Puppies For Sale on Next Day Pets
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Franchise UK Opportunity
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Ninth House Astrology
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Windfall Astrology
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Out In ...Your City
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African Americans in Chicagos Western Suburbs
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Vijay Kumar...The Man who Realized God in 1993
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