Hymn to the Sun

I Apung Sinukuan,
Ing Aldo,
Kasing aslag naya ing Guintu,
Ing Alti,
Yang upaya na,
Malutu ing kule na,
Bang itabi ding marawak a
Maglasak ya, manyilab ya,
Dapot kaibat ning silab
ampong api,
Datang ing uran,
Sumibol ing aluntian,
At ing Bie misubli naya...

Lingling-o from around Southeast Asia

The lingling-o is an amulet found throughout the Philippines and Southeast Asia both in modern and ancient times. The exact meaning of the lingling-o is a matter of debate. Various explanations are brought forth including use as good luck and/or fertility charm or as a partial residence for anitos (ancestral spirits). Among the Igorots, the amulet is empowered/purified in a ritual of washing in blood before wearing. (Photo courtesy of Virgil Apostol)

-- Traditional Prayer of
Aetas in Kapampangan

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