Shambhala and Prester John's Realm as Historical Kingdoms

Few legends have stirred the imagination like Shambhala and the kingdom of Prester John.

Tibetans believe Shambhala is a hidden kingdom where great spiritual masters rule idyllic realms.

In medieval Europe, Prester John was the title of a priest king who reigned over a mysterious kingdom in the Indies. There were some though who came to believe Prester John was really the emperor of Ethiopia.

Was there any historical reality to these stories? Originally they were not considered fables at all, and many historians have offered theories explaining these mystical kingdoms.

Another theory will be offered here which suggests that Shambhala and the kingdom of Prester John were one and the same. Furthermore they can be identified with the contemporary historical realms known as Sanfotsi to the Chinese, Suvarnadvipa to the Indians and Zabag to the Muslim writers.

The articles listed below are arranged in order ending with the conclusion. Enjoy and please give us your feedback.

Paul Kekai Manansala

  • Great Shambhala
  • The Kingdom of Prester John
  • The Spice Routes
  • Eating in India
  • Indian Customs & Manners
  • Drinking Water in India
  • The Medieval Geography of Sanfotsi and Zabag
  • The Location of the Kingdom

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