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To Rush or
not to Rush

(APU Pop)

Jamu: A Bitter
Pill to Swallow

Crouching Tiger,
Hidden Dragon,
Awed Audience

Asians in

India and 'Ahimsa'


A tale of two

Yellow Peril

Pearl Harbor:
Everything Old
is New Again

Does Anybody Here
Remember Martin?
(Jon Melegrito)

The past, present
and foreseeable
future of 80-20
(SB Woo)

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Despite the recent economic crisis, the Asia Pacific 
region is still one of the fastest growing areas in the world.  In the United States, Asian Pacific American ethnicities account for the highest per capita income, highest househould income, first and second lowest poverty rates and highest education levels of any group. 

Research and experience has shown that the most effective advertising on the World Wide Web is highly targeted. The clickthrough rates of narrowly targeted ads far exceeds those of general run or broadly targeting advertising. 

By targeting the Asian Pacific Islander community, you 
are focusing efforts on one of the fastest growing and most prosperous markets anywhere! 

You must also consider that Asian Pacific Islanders are 
very well represented in the information technology industry. They are active surfers of the Web. has a focused plan on attracting Asian Pacific web surfers to our site and keeping them as loyal users. 

Our advertising budget is channeled into sites catering to specific Asian ethnic groups. Our goal is to become the leading web publication and web hangout of the 
Asia Pacific community in the United States. 

Our site will offer a combination of regularly updated 
news and feature articles, user-contributed poetry, horoscopes; and the social section of our site, the Teahouse, will host chat and discussion. will have a highly interactive 
interface that will allow the user to become absorbed in the wonders of cyberspace. 

APU has also expanded in the field of web development and internet marketing. Contact us if you desire to establish a presence on the web or would like to promote or improve your existing site.

Please view our rate card below.

Web development and Internet marketing


Rate Card

The following rates are subject to change at any time. 
Please consult us for special discounts not listed here. 

Banner rates by impression (General Run) 

Less than 50,000     impressions            $4 CPM 
50,000 - 100,000          "                      $3  " 
100,000+-200,000        "                      $2.50  " 
200,000+                                                $2  " 

Rates by campaign       month           quarter 

Top Banner                 800              2000 
Top Button                    300             900 
Mid page buttons           200             800 
Bottom page button       180               460 

(Rates for front page. Prices of other pages will depend on traffic) 

Special promotional programs and sponsorship is also 
available. Please ask about rates. 

For more information, email us at
or give us a call at (916) 332-4915.





Central Asia

Turkish Businessman Weaves
Textile Empire in
(Times of Central Asia)

Dalai Lama wants to
make pilgrimage to
Pakistan: report
(World Tibet Network)

East Asia

Koizumi will not
go to Yasukuni Shrine
(Japan Times)

Chinese surname may
decide prescription
(Straits Times)

Pacific Islands

CNMI to say it
online in Japanese
(Saipan Tribune)

Ratu Mara is
fine: Family

South Asia

Okhaldunga landslide victims
still missing
(Kantipur Online)

Are pigs men
or are men pigs?
(Financial Express)

Southeast Asia

Intelligence set to
counter terrorism
(Jakarta Post)

71 dead, many
still missing
(Bangkok Post)

Life and Culture

Jewelry that reveals
the creative mind

Walking, diet can
cut diabetes
(Times of India)

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