New Historical Perspectives
by Paul Kekai Manansala
Shambhala and Prester John’s Kingdom: The historical basis
   Were the “legends” of medieval kingdoms of Shambhala and Prester John
   based on historical reality or were they simply fiction?  We study this
   fascinating topic in detail.
A New Look at Vedic India
   This study examines the little-studied links between ancient India and Southeast
   Asia.  The two “monsoonal” cultures were likely in contact during the important
   Vedic historical period.
Austronesian Navigation
   Discover the ingenuous methods used by Austronesian navigators to accurately
   reach destinations after sailing over thousands of miles on the open seas with no
   landmarks in sight.  And they may have been doing this more than 7,000 years
Paul Kekai Manansala is an independent researcher with numerous  articles on history and prehistory in popular, academic and peer review publications.

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Paul Kekai Manansala
Sacramento, California