Polynesian History & People : Tongan Heritage with Samoans and Eastern Polynesia.

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Posted by Maui on November 23, 2003 at 21:47:08:

Tonga is a mixtue of Samoans (Polynesians) and the Fijian people (Melanesians). Tonga is the place where the last Melanesian influence was most dominant. Melanesia halted in Tonga, as the Polynesian Samoans halted the migration of Melanesian influence into their lands and into eastern Polynesia ( MALIETOA the King of Samoa). Ua malie toa, malie tau! Tonga was first settled by Polynesians from Samoa, but got pushed out by the Melanesians of Fiji. The mixture of Fijian & Samoan blood created the Tongan people. That is how Samoa & Tonga are related. Their difference is between the Melanesian influence from Fiji islands.

Hence the purity of Polynesian genes in the rest of Polynesia. Eastern Samoa with Tutuila & Manu'a, home of the Tui' Manu'a the highest Samoan prestige and Alii Matai Titles and Samoan Families.

As you move into Samoa, the Polynesian influence is most dominant in language, physical features, culture, customs and traditions and Gods. Melanesian influence halted in Fiji and Tonga.

Tonga according to Genetics evidence in 2002, reveal its mix of Melanesian & Polynesian genetics since its settlement by the original inhabitants (not pure, as compared to the other pure Polynesians of Samoa and to the eastern Polynesia). Meaning, the Tongan people were Melanesians from Fiji who married Polynesian people from Samoa and procreated Polynesian-Melanesian children = the Tongans. Thats why some areas of Tonga are more Polynesian or more Samoan-looking and Samoan speech-wise ( LAU ) than other parts of Tonga ( More African looking types - tight curly frizzy hair with black skin like in Fiji & Papua New Guinea & the Solomon islands ). The Brown Tongans look more like Samoans, speak a dialect very similar to Samoan, and they understand Samoan.

King Taufaahau will confirm this fact for he is part Samoan in his own admission to his Tongan People & to the Samoan people. In Tongan royal heritage, the Kings of Tonga would seek to marry women from Samoa, to as to keep the Polynesian Blood stronger, than the Melanesian blood. Yes Tonga, this is your factual heritage and royal traditions as proudly taught by Tonga Kings themselves. King Tupou Taufaahau of Tonga.

The Samoan Fafine (woman), Tuafafines, Tuahines, Kuahines, Wahines was a daughter of a chief or a Taupou, marrying a King of Tonga, the son or prince would possess MANA unmatched in Tonga and the blood valued with POWER.

The POLYNESIAN PAUSE in Samoa & Tonga, provided the period of the Samoa Polynesian genetics purification as the pure Polynesians from SAMOA, UPOLU & SAVAI'I moved into (FATU HIVA) MARQUESAS 100AD and then TAHITI 300AD ( Uporu & Havai'i ) and to HAWAII 500 ( UPOLU, HAWAII & HAMOA, MAUI ) again from Tahiti & Samoa 1000AD according to King David Kalakaua 1888. And then from SAMOA & TAHITI to Cook Islands to AOTEAROA 1000AD New Zealand.

Yes Tongans, Samoans and all Polynesians this is your history as revealed by Science and Kings of Polynesia in King Taufaahau, King Malietoa, King Kalakaua, and King Kamehameha.

Greetings, Island, Time of settlement, Native Polynesian People's native names. The Polynesian History & People.

Malo lelei Tama si'i Tonga (Si'i) 2000BC-500BC, Talofa Samoa (Mao'i) 2000BC-500BC , Taloha Marquesas (Maoi) 100AD, aloha Hawaii (Maoli) 500AD & 1000AD (2 waves of migrations), Iorana Tahiti (Maohi) 300AD & Ki aroha New Zealand (Maori) 1000AD.

Quoted from: Peter Leiataua AhChing's website on Polynesian Origins and Migrations. The University of Hawaii person.

Thats how its recorded! Malo lelei !

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